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Why choose our IELTS self-study course?
  • You get a clear efficient study plan, detailed step-by-step instructions and only carefully selected 'filtered' information aimed at maximizing your IELTS score. All you need is to follow our instructions carefully!
  • Our IELTS tutors will grade your writing and speaking mock tests to help you find out what IELTS band score you can get at the moment
  • Our study materials have been created by IELTS instructors with 10+ years of experience in IELTS preparation
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  • Muhammad:
    Do I need any other materials to prepare for the test?
    Imagine that this is not a set of books. Imagine that this is your tutor who gives you tips and instructions on how to deal with different IELTS questions. If you have classes with a tutor, you will need to get IELTS practice tests. And your tutor will teach you how to deal with them effectively. Likewise, if you have our self-study course, you will need IELTS practice tests to try out our tips. They are easy to get as there are so many ways to get them. So you needn't worry about that.
  • Gurpreet:
    How many hours does the course last?
    This is a self-study course. It doesn't include one-to-one classes with an IELTS tutor. So you can study at your own pace, do all the tasks and read all the tips as fast or as slowly as you need. There are no deadlines. The course includes all the information that you could get from a highly-qualified and experienced IELTS tutor, and you pay just $59.99 for this. However, if you had live classes with a tutor, you would pay $25 per hour for about 30-50 hours to get the same amount of valuable information. Thus, this course is a very good value for money. You save a lot!
  • Aytan:
    What makes your course better than many other similar courses? Everybody says that their course is best.
    IELTS is so popular nowadays that there are a lot of people who try to draw students' attention by claiming they will give really unique and valuable information. And after you buy their materials, you understand that you bought something absolutely useless. We have found several ways to help you understand who we are, what we do, and whether you should buy our materials for IELTS preparation. You can buy something inexpensive on our website, say, some e-book that costs $5. This is what 98% of our customers do. If you don't like the quality, you will not regret spending just $5. But we bet you won't regret. If you like what you bought and want to get the full course, you can send us an e-mail and we will send you an invoice. You will just pay the difference between $59.99 and the amount of money that you've already spent. Also, you can follow us on social media to make sure that all the information that we post is mega useful.
  • Noura:
    Can I just find all your posts on social media and therefore get all the information for free?
    You can try to do so, but you will spend so much time on it that saving $59.99 won't be worth the trouble because we have produced a lot of valuable information over the last 10 years of working with students offline and 3 years of working globally online. Even if you manage to collect all the tips all over the Internet, first, you won't have all the information because we included more extended explanations in our e-books and added more examples. Secondly, if you have the full course, you get a 12-month subscription for IELTS Speaking Assistant which normally costs $29.99, but is sold at a 45% discount when included in the IELTS Tips and Secrets course. Also, you get your writing and speaking skills assessed by our tutors. You won't get these 2 important services if you decide to collect all the information on our social media. Finally, one of the most important things about the course is the way we organized the information. The difference between ordinary tutors and brilliant tutors is that the latter organize information in a specific manner making you take step after step. And this is what brings the greatest results.
Our team consists of specialists with extensive experience in IELTS preparation
  • Tetiana Havryliuk

    • Teacher of English language and literature with 15 years of experience
    • IELTS instructor with 10 years of experience
    • Content writer for IELTS Speaking Assistant
    • Content creator for IELTS Preparation Assistant
    • Most viewed writer on Quora in 2017
    • IELTS Academic 8.5

  • Yana Podolynska

    • Teacher of English language and literature with 16 years of experience
    • IELTS instructor with 10 years of experience
    • Content writer for IELTS Speaking Assistant
    • Content creator for IELTS Preparation Assistant
    • TOEFL CBT 273 (equivalent to 111-112 TOEFL iBT)

  • Paulina Teveriadska

    • Customer Support Manager
    • Social Media Administrator

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